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Casal Thaulero Sangiovese

I like free stuff.  I love entertaining.  So hosting a Stella & Dot jewellery party was a no brainer.  You invite your friends, family, neighbours, and mom’s friend’s over and supply some appies and wine, while they shop for trendy … Continue reading

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Gabbiano Chianti 2010

There is something so satisfying with strapping on an apron, pouring a glass of wine, and cooking up a storm.  It makes me feel like a housewife from the 60s and I love it.     It makes it feel … Continue reading

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Masi Campofiorin 2008

Disappoint [dis-uh-point] to fail to fulfill the expections or wishes of. Disappointment sucks, eh?  Lately The Husband and I have been super disappointed with “The Office”.  Every Thursday we cling to this little bit of hope that we’ll see a … Continue reading

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Folonari Valpolicella Class

I shall preface this post by claiming I am not a raging alcoholic.  On a typical week, I drink less than a bottle of wine.  This, of course, depends on what my social life is like – dinner out, drinks … Continue reading

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Masi Modello Delle Venezie

When my mostly-non-wine-drinking mother-in-law asked me for some red wine recommendations for a girls weekend, without hesitation I told her to go straight to the Italian section in the LCBO and to pick any variety of Masi.  You simply cannot … Continue reading

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