Hi!  My name is Kristina and welcome to Sip n’ Soak.


My absolute favourite way to relax is to soak in a relaxing bubble bath while sipping a fabulous glass of wine and getting lost in a book.  Recently I was browsing the wine aisle and I realized I really have no idea why I like the wine that I like…I wondered what is it that makes a glass enjoyable, interesting, or awful?  So I’ve decided to document my wine tasting experiences in the hope of better understanding the beautiful world of wine.

My wine reviews are simple, uneducated, and honest.  I use layman words that reflect my first impressions of a wine.  I have never been able to detect a “hint of chocolate and blackberry” or thought that a wine tastes “earthy”, “toasty”, or “smokey”.  In chronlicing my new found appreciation of truly tasting a glass of wine, I hope that I can provide some clarity to not only myself, but to others who just want to know what makes that special glass of wine so special.

Since I’m soaking in the tub with a pen and paper taking wine notes, I thought I might as well review various brands of bubble bath in my quest to discover the.perfect.bubble.bath – one that has a fabulous scent, an aroma that lingers the whole time, bubbles that remain bubbles, soft water, and silky skin.

Please join me as I casually critique my tools of relaxation.


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