Cake Beauty–Jack Frost Bath & Shower Gel

Winners.  Marshall’s.  TJ Maxx. 

While I like the concept, they’re just not for me.  Don’t get me wrong – I love a good deal.  Actually I am obsessed after I get a good deal.  I check out all the prices of the same object online and at stores to make me feel even better.  Then I tell everyone I know about the fabulous deal I got.  I get all smug and I love it.

What bothers me with Winners (and the other stores, but for the sake of simplicity I’m just going to lump them all under “Winners”), is the bargain-rack actions that you must undertake 90% of the time.  I despise whipping hanger after hanger along the metal rack hearing the screechy “shleck shleck” sound and using superwoman eyesight to quickly spot a piece of clothing that interests me.  This involves the ability to look at both the garment and the label at the same time.  I will shallowly admit that I will whip past a generic turquoise top, but should I notice a designer label, all of a sudden that top is spectacular and I must have it.

I don’t avoid Winners, but I rarely intentionally go there.  When I do go, this is always my plan of attack:

  • Shoe Section: always fashionable footwear and always good designers (at least designers I like/afford like Jessica Simpson, Steve Madden, Nine West, and Guess)
  • Home Section: love love love every aisle in their home section!  Wonderful selection whether it be crème brule coffee, a funky mirror, a martini glass, or a zebra print serving platter.
  • Clothes Racks on the Perimeter: this is where they’ll feature a lot of their designer goods or hot garments in season.  The racks are small, circular, and with multiple sizes of the same item, which makes it much more manageable to search through

However, I do enjoy StyleSense.  It’s like the Winner’s shoe section x1,000.  Now this can be hit and miss, but I never tire of wandering upon row on row of gorgeous tall boots, spikey pumps, sexy sparkly shoes, and high-end shoes I can’t afford (even at a deep discount – Prada I’m looking at you). 

So I found myself at StyleSense today.  At none of the above-mentioned aisles.  Instead I went to the athletic aisle to procure a pair of running shoes.  I’ve trained for and ran 2 half marathons in my Nikes and they are beat.  Seriously – it looks like someone beat the crap outta them with a meat cleaver.  So you can imagine how my feet feel after running in them (missing toe nails, blisters, and sore).  I’d love to go to The Running Room and have an expert find me the perfect shoe but that ain’t gonna happen while I’m on mat leave.  So I went to StyleSense with my fingers crossed that #1 they had an athletic shoe section , and #2 that they carry Asics, the brand that I have my heart set on getting.

nike moto 7

Wouldn’t ya know, I found a pair of Asics in my size (never happens since I’m size 8.5 along with the rest of the female population) for $48, regular $90.  In a perfect world I’d be skeptical of buying lower-end Asics, as the prices range from $90 to $190, but I have custom orthotics that pimp any shoe, plus really, beggars can’t be choosers.

I also had a 20% off coupon from my thoughtful cousin who works at Winners head office.  So savings on top of savings made me happy.  And smug. 

On my way to the cash, I got distracted by a small display of bath items.  Obviously I stopped and checked them all out.  I almost peed my pants when I saw Cake Beauty products.  OhmygodIloveCake!  I always lust after Cake at Sephora where I longingly inhale the intoxicating sweet scents.  I window shop their online store.  All the time.  But I do find them out of my budget, so I can only indulge when there is a sale.  Like when I bought their Sweet Cheeks sugar scrub and body butter for 50% off at The Bay. 

But these Cake products were different.  This was their holiday line up apparently.  Regardless, I got to sniffing them all out and decided on the scrumptious Jack Frost (which is a stupid name – I mean what does “Jack Frost” tell you about the pink contents of the bottle?)

cake beauty style sensecake beauty ruby

All afternoon I couldn’t stop thinking of the indulging bath I was going to pour once my baby went to sleep. 


Cake Beauty

cake beauty

Jack Frost

$7.99 regular $20 (according to the StyleSense label)

Unscrewing the lid and deeply inhaling, I was in lust.  Ripe sweet strawberries meets vanilla custard.  It made my mouth water.  The contents were cotton-candy pink and thick and shimmery.  Even in line at the store, I keep sneaking a sniff.  Delicious.

I added a generous amount to running water as per the directions, and immediately my bathroom was engulfed in a soft fruity baked-good aroma.  Not a heavy-baked goods aroma that you would associate with Christmas baking, but a light, delicate, and fresh scent.  Then it all went away.

I submerged myself through the flight fluffy bubbles into the hot water hoping that the beautiful scent would emerge, but it was gone.  I sniffed the soft bubbles and brought my arm to my face to see if the scent lingered on my skin.  Nothing. 

I grabbed the bottle and took a nice long sniff.  Ahhhhhh.  Lovely.  But unfortunately only sniffing the bottle brought about these magical scents.  The bath water was void of any aroma. 

The bubbles were soft and heavenly, not like some stiff industrial bubbles from cheaper bubble baths.  The water was kind of soft, but I’ve felt softer.

I was disappointed, but not ready to give up on Cake.  I’m still not ready to give up.  This is a bath and shower gel, so I’m hoping it fairs better as a shower gel.  I’d also love to buy the lotion (if they have one in this scent) as I’m pretty much obsessed with the scent. 

Makes me wonder if this lack lustre performance is why it was sold at StyleSense?  I couldn’t locate this product on their website.  A Google search made it seem like this product doesn’t even exist. 

My verdict?  While I don’t recommend Cake Beauty Jack Frost, I’m still fiercely loyal to their brand and will absolutely buy Cake again.  But this time, I think I’ll stick to their mainstream products.

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