Fuzion Alta Torrontes Pinot Grigio 2011

There was a Fuzion Frenzy across the GTA in 2009. 

Admittedly, I was a participant.  I was at my friend Lisa’s bridal shower and she stocked the room with a brand new wine called Fuzion.  She told me it’s been selling out at liquor stores everywhere and is less than $8 a bottle.  It became my new favourite wine before she even cracked open the bottle.

I totally got suckered in to the madness – I can’t even honestly say if I loved the wine, but I was compelled to stock my wine rack with it.  I admit to dropping into each LCBO I passed (my job at the time was in sales and I was always on the road) to see if they had any Fuzion left.  And if they did, I hoarded it. 

Over time, Fuzion still has a home in my wine rack, but now it’s soley a “junk time” wine – like the end of a sports game where the outcome has already been decided and the coaches replace the starting line with the benchwarmers, Fuzion is the wine that comes out when our taste buds have been numbed by numerous other bottles of wine and it doesn’t really matter what we’re drinking at this point. 

On a recent unseasonably hot autumn day, red wine just seemed too dry and heavy.  I craved a cold, light, and crisp glass of white wine.  I’m not overly picky with my whites, as long as they’re not:

  • sweet
  • overly fruity
  • Chardonnay

That basically limits me to Pinot Gris or Sauvignon Blanc.  Something about the light and simple bottle of Fuzion Alta Torrontes Pinto Grigio caught my eye and for $7.95 I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Fuzion Alta Torrontes Pinot Grigio 2011



The  frosty wine filled my wine glass with a nice and light colour – when it comes to whites I find Gold =  Gross, White = Right.  Of course this is a personal perference, and in no way determines if a wine is considered a good wine or not.  Chardonnays tend to be goldish in colour and Pinot Gris tend to be light.  Since I don’t like Chardonnay, I steer clear of gold and yellow wines.  So the beautiful light wine I just poured looked promising.

There was a faint fruity aroma which had me a little worried that the Fuzion would be disgusting and sweet.  The fruitiness was not very strong and upon taking my first sip, not very evident in the taste.  My first thought was “nice”.  Not very descriptive but hey you can’t help what your first impression is.

This was not sweet,  and not sharp.  It was exactly what I wanted – crisp, minimal sweetness, minimal fruitiness. 

Fuzion Pinot Grigio is definitely a wine I will purchase again, the only thing holding me back from bringing this to a host/hostess is the stigma of Fuzion being a cheap wine.  Therefore I’d recommend for a pool party or personal consumption.  For $1 more you can purchase a delicious white wine with a better label.  But the bottom line is this is a very enjoyable white wine that I will absolutely buy again.

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