Casillero Del Diablo Merlot

My husband isn’t a wine-drinker.  He’s much happier with a thick and frothy Guiness or a cold amber glass of Appleton Rum on the rocks.  That means that when it’s just the two of us out for dinner, I have to order my wine by the glass.

When we were in Jamaica for our honeymoon, you could only order bottles off the menu (or drink the watery house wine – no thanks) so I managed to convince The Husband to drink wine with me each night.  If you can look beyond our sick tans, you’ll see the bottle of Casillero Del Diablo hanging out in the background:

How did I manage to get a non-wine-drinker to drink wine?  One word – Merlot.

(ok, I’m sure it helped a teeny bit that he drank Appleton Rum and cokes on the beach all day since it was flowing abundantly at our resort and perhaps he needed a change)

Merlot.  Rhymes with “mellow”.  And mellow it is.  Merlot is known for being a soft, medium-bodied wine that is smooth and rather boring as it travels down your throat.  It is very versatile when pairing with foods, and is frequently blended with other grape varieties to add some complexity. 

Merlot is a fantastic starter-wine because it’s not harsh nor heavy.  Merlot has a pleasant, easy taste that is generally inoffensive.  While you could say it lacks character, it’s not by any means weak nor watery. 

While I prefer a more interesting wine, I do occasionally drink Merlot – it’s a nice wine to enjoy on a beautiful summer day, or to crack open as wine bottle #2 or #3 after finishing a more complex wine, or to serve at a larger social event as it’s a people-pleaser.

I was doing non of the above when I cracked open a bottle of Casillero Del Diablo the other night.  I was actually sitting in the bathtub with a book and just wanted something different than my usual Cabernet Sauvignon.

Casillero Del Diablo Merlot



My first impressions:

  • colour: purple
  • aroma: fragrant
  • taste: velvety

I like it.

Now let me elaborate on my first impressions.  The colour was a gorgeous purply red which made me very excited to taste it.  I first described the aroma as “fragrant” because that was the first word that came to mind – it was a stronger scent than I had anticipated (being a merlot) and just had a nice wine scent. 

The first taste was smooth, with a hint of something intriguing.  The velvety texture coats your mouth yet doesn’t tingle when you swallow.  A slightly bigger second sip results in the same lucious texture but now a slight harshness.  Bigger sips are definitely the way to go.

Casillero Del Diablo Merlot is a wonderful easy going wine that is medium-bodied with a bold aroma.  For a merlot, I think it’s fab.  And at $11.95, it’s the perfect party wine.

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