Folonari Valpolicella Class

I shall preface this post by claiming I am not a raging alcoholic. 

On a typical week, I drink less than a bottle of wine.  This, of course, depends on what my social life is like – dinner out, drinks with friends, etc.  Being a new mom, I don’t get out much, and when I do, I don’t drink much as a I have a little munchkin at home who needs me to get up in the middle of the night without stumbling and to play with him un-hungover early in the mornings.  So it’s safe to say that I  consume less than one bottle of wine a week.

So here’s my dilemma.  I find wine goes “off” after about 3 days – this varies with each brand as sometimes I can squeeze 5 days out of a bottle before it turns slimey and loses it’s flavour.  This results in pouring a lot of wine down the drain.  I do keep some frozen ice cubes of wine for cooking (freeze the leftover wine in icecube trays, store in a ziplock once frozen) but I only need so much for cooking.

A couple weeks ago I figured I had two options.

#1 – buy smaller bottles of wine

#2 – drink more wine so I finish a bottle within three days

As much as option #2 would be amazing, I can’t help feeling like an alky.  If my three day window falls over a weekend, I may be inclined to polish off a bottle in 3 days – who doesn’t like getting a little buzzed?  But I can’t have wine-stained lips and teeth all the time.

Enter option #1.  Not nearly as fun, but much better for my liver and white teeth.  Now this isn’t always a viable option, as many wines do not come in smaller bottles.  But I suppose this is something I could occasionally do.

I just thought of an option #3 – those vaccum thingies.  I have one, and I couldn’t figure out how to use it.  I also wonder if these really do work, and the ones that do work, how expensive they are. 

Anyways,  a couple weeks ago I was faced with those two options and elected option #1.  I purchased a 375ml bottle of Folonari Valpolicella for $7.85.  I enjoy Folonario Soave (white), and decided to see if their reds were as enjoyable.

Folonari Valpolicella Class



A fruity smell drifted from the light red liquid that graced my glass.  Already I was skeptical – I like a ruby colour and a deep scent that is not fruity.

My first sip confirmed my fears – the flavour was light, almost tasted like it was watered down.  It left absolutely no burn, tingle, or any texture.  The flavour was unforgettable as it disappeared along with the wine as it travelled down my throat.  I was left with nothing.

So I took some more drinks.  Nothing changed.  Now there wasn’t anything bad or offensive about this wine – it just lacked a personality.  It was boring to drink.  It left me needing something more.

I felt a little sheepish when I realized why this wine tasted this way.  Um, because that’s how Valpolicella is supposed to taste. 

Valpolicella is a combination of three grape varieties grown in Italy.  Valpolicella is characterized as a light bodied table wine – which is exactly what it tasted like to me.  Now there are full-bodied varieties, however those are referred to as Ripasso and Amarone.  I have tried Masi Amarone before and really enjoyed it.  I’ll have to pick some up soon and review it now that I’m paying more attention to the flavour details.

As a Valpolicella, Folonari is spot on and enjoyable.  However if you don’t like light wines, then you will be left wanting more than Folonari Valpolicella offers.

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