Bath & Body Works – Dark Kiss

Road trips to Buffalo are one of my favourite things.  You drive with anticpation of a mini getaway…doesn’t matter that you’re coming home the same day and actually not staying anywhere.  Just crossing the boarder makes it feel like you’ve gone somewhere foreign.

After a day of shopping and a belly full of fake Italian food from the Olive Garden, you pull the tags off your clothes, layer on as many clothes as possible, and prepare the lie you’re going to tell the customs agent at the border about how much you’ve spent.

What is so appealing about cross-border shopping is the different stores they have in the US – like Abercrombie, Target, J. Crew, Aeropostale, Bath & Body Works, New York & CO, Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, and DSW to name a few.  Except in the past few years many of these stores have opened in Canada which is totally awesome….but kind of takes away part of the fun of shopping in the States.  

I actually own less Bath & Body Works products now, compared to when it was only available in the US.  While I still love their products, it’s just lost some of it’s everyone can have yummy smelling lotions and I don’t feel special anymore.

Bath & Body Works Dark Kiss Shower Gel


I usually seek bubble baths with a lavender or chammoile scent…something calm and relaxing.  However last night I craved something different – not fruity, not energizing, and not calming.  I needed something lusious yet relaxing…something that would invigorate my senses and make me feel fabulous and fancy.  Afterall, I brought a martini in the tub and needed a sexy scent to accompany my chic beverage.

Dark Kiss is described as a “tempting blend of black raspberry, Mirabelle plum, amber, dark vanilla bean, and sensual balsam”.  This is labelled as a shower gel, however the instructions on the back say you can also add to the bath.

This aromatic bubble bath filled the room with a deep sensual scent, without being musky, overbearing, or perfumey.  The dominent scent was plum and dark vanilla, contributing to a luxurious experience.   The air was thick with an exotic fruity aroma and I took a few deep breaths, sighed, and surrendered myself to a glamourous yet relaxing bath.

The water was not soft or oily like a true bubble bath, and my skin was not covered in a silky embrace.  However none of that mattered as the aroma and bubbles (which were both long-lasting) more than compensated.

While more of a shower gel than a bubble bath, Dark Kiss has a beautiful scent that stays true to the product’s description.  It is luscious, sensual, and exotic – perfect to unwind, get carried away, and feel posh.

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