Rosemount Shiraz

One piece of clothing that absolutely terrifies me is white pants.

A nice, crisp, classic cut pair of white pants looks classy.   White is gorgeous when paired with turquoise and is simple and elegant when paired with black.  White pants are just wrong when too tight around the leg and/or waist (resulting in a sausage-casing look and muffin top).   White spandex should be illegal.  But besides that, white pants is a preppy summer look that I adore.

Oh they also add 15lbs.  Hence being deathly afraid of them.  I’m so shallow.  So I leave them to the skinny chicks with long gorgeous legs. 

When my tall, beautiful, long-legged girlfriend was rocking a pair of hot white jeans, leave it to me to totally ruin that look by accidentally dumping a full glass of Rosemount Shiraz on her thigh moments before we were heading out to a bar.

Her white pants were drenched in red wine.  I felt like the world’s biggest jerk.  However within 10 minutes, I had her pants clean and we were skipping out the door excited to cut  a rug on the dance floor.

The secret, my friends, is white wine.  Pouring white wine on a fresh red wine stain neutralizes the red wine, making the stain disappear.  Pour the white wine on the fabric, dab with a cloth (don’t rub), and the stain will vanish. 

Rosemount Diamond Shiraz



As the cork was released and the wine poured, a pleasant scent drifted from the glass and the scarlett colour promised a medium wine.  The first taste was lovely and did not have a sharp after-taste.  This wine had a bolder taste than I had anticipated, but I would not consider this a bold wine.

I had to remind myself this was a shiraz, which is characterized with a peppery taste and is often paired with a nice hunk of steak.  Or at least that’s what I learned from my wine tour of Jackson Triggs a couple years ago. 

I would call this a light shiraz, as it was no where near as spunky and spicey as others shiraz (shirazes??) that I’ve tried.  I really enjoyed the balance of delicate yet bold.  It’s smooth as it skips over the tongue and glids down throat, then seconds later the boldness becomes evident as a peppery taste lingers. 

I liked it.  It’s not too hard, not too soft.  Plus it was $2 off at the LCBO. 

For a shiraz, it may come up a little short.  But take away the shiraz label, and it’s a lovely medium-bodied wine.

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