Nature’s Basic Bliss Foam Bath

I hate Walmart.  I hate shopping there.  It’s so big.  It’s so drab.  It once took me 37 minutes to find a combination lock for my locker at the gym (school supply aisle – who knew?!).  I don’t actually find the prices that good.  And I can’t walk out of there without spending at least $50, even though I just ran in for one item.  Actually you can’t just “run in” to Walmart.  You have to:

1. Locate a parking spot in the ginormous parking lot

2. Walk through ginormous parking lot

3. Figure out where the item you want is located

4. Get distracted by sale items on display

5. Locate required item

6.  Grab 5 items you forgot you needed

7. Get a cart since you can’t hold all your items in your arms

8. Browse the seasonal aisle getting stressed that you haven’t purchased any seasonal items yet (Christmas, gardening, back to school, etc) even though they’re 2 months ahead of each season

9. Stand in “express line” frantically thinking of what else you need before you leave this zoo

10.  Get stuck behind the coupon-clipper-extrordinaire who is asking the cashier to match competitor’s prices on each item

11. Spend $47 more dollars than you were planning on

12. Walk several miles to parked car

 On a recent Walmart trip to purchase garden soil and cat litter, I found myself in the health and beauty section to pick up shaving cream for the husband.  Bubble baths caught my eye, and since I’m poor due to mat leave, I thought I’d try a cheap random brand I’d never heard of.  It cost $4.17 and was lavender scented – sold!

Belvedere International Nature’s Basics Bliss Foam Bath with Blackberry, Chamomile, and Lavender Aroma



As the hot water bellowed from the faucet, I squeezed out the purple gel (kind of worrying about the dye) and immediately bubbles emerged.  Once comfortably in the tub and surrounded by a moutain of fragrant bubbles, I deeply inhaled expecting to promptly get carried away to a land of chamomile, lavender, and all things relaxed.  Instead the fragrance was a pleasant fruity smell.  But the total opposite of anything spa-like, and definitely not lavender or chamomile as the packaging implied. 

A quick glance at the ingredients explained it – ingredients include blackberry (as advertised), blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry. 

The scent was nice and strong (inspite of not being the scent the packaging claimed it to be) and my skin was soft and silky.  15 minutes into my blissful bath, the bubbles had reduced by 50% yet it was still as aromatic as when the bath was first poured.  

After soaking for 28 minutes, the bubbles had now reduced by 70% however the remaining floating bubbles were soft and fluffy.  I read another chapter then stepped out of the tub and noticed that the scent lingered on my skin, and my skin remained soft.

Likes: strong aroma, soft skin

Dislikes: false advertising regarding the scent

Would I buy this again?  No.  However that is soley due to it not being lavender/chamomile/spa-ish as the packaging claimed.   For $4.17 I would try this brand again, just a different scent.

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