Masi Modello Delle Venezie

When my mostly-non-wine-drinking mother-in-law asked me for some red wine recommendations for a girls weekend, without hesitation I told her to go straight to the Italian section in the LCBO and to pick any variety of Masi.  You simply cannot go wrong with Masi.  With price points ranging from $11.95 to $38.95, there is a wonderful wine available for any budget.  I have never tried a Masi that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy.

Masi holds near and dear to my heart as it was the first wine I ever drank and really adored.  Prior to that, I thought I was super fancy by drinking Wild Vines Strawberry Zinfandel.  I was probably one of the few university students who moved into residence with wine glasses.  True story.  I bought myself 2 turquose acrylic wine glasses on sale at Walmart to bring to school with me, but mom insisted I needed glass wine glasses and that it was absolutely necessary to have more than 2 glasses (for company apparently).  So while others moved into residence with cute bedding, computers, and cases of KD, I came armed with 4 wine glasses and a bottle of strawberry wine. 

My tastebuds eventually evolved and I started drinking white Masi because it was light, cold, and crisp.  I even kept all the mimimalistic bottles and painted them to decorate my dorm room.  White Masi (I keep calling it that because that’s what I call it…it’s actually Masi Soave Classico) was the only brand of wine I drank for a couple years.  Perhaps as a result of losing my wine v-card to Masi, I have become a fiercely loyal Masi drinker.

Masi Modello Delle Venezie



A beautiful deep shade of red cascaded into my glass and I instantly had high expectations.   I let my wine breath for 7 minutes then deeply inhaled.  The scent was not strong but not weak (medium?), not pungent, and sorry to be so vague, but it was nice.  I attempted to note any particular aroma, and the best I could come up with is “fruity”. 

The first taste was disappointing.  The wine was just too light.  It was smooth going down (didn’t tickle my throat or burn the roof of my mouth) but not too weak either.  Again I find myself using the word “medium”.  At my 3rd sip I pondered if this wine needs a bite.  Sip 4 I concluded that this wine is medium all around – medium aroma, medium sharpness, meidum flavour.  Not too hard, not too fruity. 

Masi Modello Delle Venezie is an enjoyable, unoffensive, and agreeable wine that lacks complexity, yet is a pleasant wine that I found quite satisfying.  What I found lacking was a lingering taste – as soon as my sip cleared my mouth, there was nothing left to remind me of the ruby liquid I consumed seconds ago. 

This would be a great wine to accompany a meal, versus drinking it on its own.  Or a wine to drink when you’re gossiping with your girlfrineds and too busy to pay attention to the fine details.  I would absolutely buy this Masi again, but probably not when it’s just me, a glass of wine, and a bubble bath.

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