Johnson’s Baby Oil with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

Wait!!  Don’t go!  Keep reading even if you don’t have a baby.  This is a review on baby oil in my bath.

We somehow ended up with mulitple bottles of Johnson’s baby oil, baby shampoos, and baby lotions.  There’s a good possibility it was a result of The Husband getting a little trigger happy when we were registering (survey says most husbands take over the scanning-gun-thingy when registering…must be an attempt to regain any shred of manliness while registering for baby items on a Friday night).   Or it could be baby shower guests NOT telling the cashier that the items they purchased were on a registry…hence the multiple items.  Regardless, we had (still have actually) an abudance of baby related bath supplies.

So I was going through The Monkey’s closest where we stashed random baby paraphenalia that he wasn’t ready for yet.  In doing so, I reflected that he is now 6 months old and I started yearning for the early days – the chaos, the teeny tiny sleepers, eating dinner with one hand while cradling my newborn in the other, and staring at his sweet sweet face while he slept in his precious woven bassinet.  As my heart lurched and tears welled up, I reached for the lavender bottle of “baby bedtime” lotion and deeply inhaled, letting the comforting aromas calm this crazy mama.  Hmmmmmm I thought….seems this baby stuff works for mommies too.  And I proceeded to examine the vast supply of baby bath lotions/oils and decided there was no reason why I couldn’t have baby-soft skin too. 

Johnsons Baby Oil with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

$5ish…price varies according to retailer

This product claims to “absorb quickly to deliver all the extra-moisturizing benefits of mineral oil to dry skin without the greasy afterfeel”.  Aloe vera is known to be soothing, moisturizing, and to have healing properties.  Scientific evidence for the therapeudic effictiveness is limited, however aloe vera certainly has a good image.  Vitamin E has anti-aging benefits, is used for sunburn treatment, and is thought to assist in the treatment of scars.  Again, scientific proof is limited.  While I’m not a dermatoligist or doctor or anyone who has any scientific knowledge on these items, I did find it interesting that my nurse told me not to  apply aloe vera or vitamin E to my c-section scar…she said for the sake of infection, leave it be and let nature heal.  And it’s healed very well.

Anyways, I really didn’t try this oil because of the aloe and vitamin E, I mostly just wanted to try baby oil in my bath.  Bonus if those 2 items help with any skin ailments. 

While running the bath water, I squirted in about 3 seconds worth of oil.  As the hot water filled the tub, I detected a very subtle smell, and only because I intentionlly tried to smell it.  The scent is difficult to describe.  It’s soft, and well, sorry to be so vague, but it smells like a baby.  I’m certain we’ve all be conditioned to think that “baby smell” is the actual baby, but now that I think about it, I think “baby smell” is baby oil or whatever scents Johnsons adds to their various baby bath products.

As I delicately stepped into the tub, I was very conscious that oil + water + porcelin tub = skating rink.  Surprisingly, my tub was not slippery.  However, please excerise caution if trying this at home.  I as submerged into the hot water, I was briefly disappointed that there were no bubbles and that the bath looked very plain.  Within 2 minutes I was singing a different tune as I felt how silky my skin was!  I couldn’t stop rubbing my legs against each other…actually “rubbing” indictates some sort of friction so that is the wrong word…it’s like my legs glided when they touched.

I enjoyed a very pleasant bath.  Perhaps future baby oil baths I may add a splash of essential oil, like lavender, orange, peppermint, or really anything.  I don’t actually own essential oils, but I’m sure they’d be useful in times like this. 

The party on my skin continued after exiting the tub, as my skin remained soft and oily (but not greasy).  I could feel a thin layer or the oil on my skin and didn’t need to use any additional moisturizer. 

This is a product I highly recommend – it’s hypoallergenic (according to Johnsons but I believe it since it’s sensitive enough for a baby’s skin), it’s cheap, and it feels fabulous on my skin.  What was missing was a scent…however this may be nice as a “layer” to a bath, in that this is used in addition to your favourite bubble bath.  That way you get the scent, bubbles, plus the amazing silky soft skin.  I will definitely be trying more baby bath products.

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