L’Occitane Relaxing Bath & Body Gel

Last summer the husband and I took a mini vacation to Blue Mountain.  Giddy with anticipation of a vacay filled with beach, pool, and fun, we hit the road early in our beach clothes and McDonald’s brekkie.  After a sunny and easy drive up north filled with great conversation and one slight unplanned detour (I must learn my rights and lefts!) the weather quickly turned cloudy and rainy as we approached the hotel.   I felt ripped off – I’d much rather spend a rainy day at home reading The Star with endless cups of coffee for free, rather han paying to hang out in a hotel room.

Trying to make the best of it, we changed out of our beach clothes and we meandered through the over-priced shops in the Blue Mountain village and ended up at a pub and promptly ordered some caesars.  You’d think that’s were the day got good – you’re on summer vacation, can’t enjoy the outdoors, so why not get tipsy indoors while listening to the live band play Brown Eyed Girl?  Well that might have worked if my caesar wasn’t a virgin caesar…it had to be virgin because I was 10 weeks pregnant.  That’s when you don’t look pregnant, don’t feel pregnant, and no one knows that you are pregnant.  So it makes abstaining from alcohol even harder.

Depressed with our first day of vacation, I left my hubby at the pub and I went for a relaxing massage.  On the walk back, I decided to continue with the pamper-me theme and popped intp L’Occitane en Provence to buy bubble bath for a relaxing soak back in our room.  I knew I wanted something that smelled very spa-ish to transport me to a relaxing imaginary “day at the spa”.  Considering the tub was just a normal hotel tub (no fancy jacuzzi), I was drinking Diet Dr. Pepper in a wine glass, and reading US Weekly, I needed all the help I could get to make this bath fancy and spa-ish. 

After feeling slightly high and naseaus from spending 30 minutues sniffing all their bath products, I bought Aromachologie Relaxing Bath & Shower Gel.  With lavender, tea tree, and geranium, it promised to be calming and relaxing, and it sure delivered. 

L’Occitane Aromachologie Relaxing Bath & Shower Gel

500 ml


I added 16 pumps to running bath water.  There was no recommended dose…this amount just felt right.  Immediately I was overtaken by the strong scent of soggy geranium petals on a wet patio floor after a summer rain fall.  Not quite the escape I was looking for.  I sat there submerged in warm water (not hot due to the little peanut growing inside of me) and was disappointed with the scent.  Then hints of lavender came through, and I started to enjoy the aroma.  It really reminded me of that spa scent – you know the one that’s almost medicenal, and feels like it’s fixing something deep in your muscles and soul? 

The aroma penetrated the air and I took deep, calming breathes.  This wonderfully relaxing scent did not fade throughout my soak.   Soft delicate bubbles formed and within 10 minutes they slightly reduced to small floating islands that joined and separated with each other as I changed positions in the tub.   Enough bubbles to cover 90% of the surface water, but not too many bubbles that they were annoying.

After a lovely soak, my skin remained soft afterwards although not noticably soft…I intentially felt my legs to feel how soft they were.  The scent lingered on my body all night long.

The verdict?  I absolutely recommend.  This is a high quality product where the quality is evident through the aroma, bubbles, and overall feel.  While pricey, this has lasted me over a year and is one of my favourite bubble baths when I need to completely unwind and calm down.

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